Wood mechanics

Hypothesis on the estimation of the internal hygrothermal climate of the hive


The present work we are doing on the hygrothermal climate of the hive has a double objective:

  1. Evaluate the influence of the material and geometry of a hive on the hygrothermal climate inside. Our current work consists of developing a thermal model of a Dadant hive. We rely on instrumented hives (temperature, anenometry, luminosity…). The model helps us to identify heat transfers in the hive and then to consider improvements, with a view to a more favourable thermal and hygrometric climate for bees.
  2. Construct a quantitative criterion to assess the health of a bee colony. Our current work consists in estimating the thermal power released by a bee colony over time. For example, a steady decrease in thermal power could be a sign of deteriorating colony health. The thermal power is estimated by inverse methods, i.e. by comparing the thermal model of the hive with the temperature readings taken in the same hive.

Ongoing results

Results details

  • Dupleix A., Ruffio E., Jullien D. Heat power estimation of a bee colony in a Dadant-hive based on transient hygrothermal evolution. 46th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress, Montréal, Canada (8-12/09/2019)

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